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Let's Turn Your Design Dreams Into a Reality

Since the beginning, KKaTour & Design Inc. has sought to transform our client's residential spaces. As an industrial designer, my goal is to improve the way clients live their lives through state-of-the-art designs. Whether you’re looking to discuss the initial concept process or have questions about the installation — I will guide you every step of the way. Contact me today and give your space or ideal dream home the attention it deserves!


In this initial stage conversing with the client is the first step to the process of making a fabulous design.

It is an exciting time to discover the perspective and ideas of what the clients need are by having an informal conversation to facilitate an exchange of ideas, architectural styles, budget, timelines, and expectations.


When it comes to 3D rendering design. Some clients may need a rendering of an existing design. Therefore I would have the client send me a design file that I can upload and use to render in 3D or a sketch that I can use to render in 3D. 


There are some clients who may need some input on a good design for a particular space and come up with a sketch that can fit what they are looking for before moving forward with the 3D rendering process. 


Once the client approves the sketched drawings, I will incorporate 3D renderings to preview the design with my clients of what the home, Building, or interior space will look like at completion. This is an exciting way to view alike real representation of their of what they are expecting before beginning the construction process.

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